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    Возможно, не совсем в тему - но как по-человечески перевести 'chuck' ?
'Кусок, ломоть' зело не нравится, в словарике на xtalk не нашел..
Интересует в таком контексте: 

For example, consider a typical book. At the very top level, the book is itself an
element. This ``book'' element obviously contains chapters, which can be considered
to be elements in their own right. Each chapter will contain more elements, such as
paragraphs, quotations, and footnotes. Each paragraph might contain further
elements, identifying content that was direct speech, or the name of a
character in the story.  

You might like to think of this as ``chunking'' content. At the very top level you
have one chunk, the book. Look a little deeper, and you have more chunks, the
individual chapters. These are chunked further into paragraphs, footnotes,
character names, and so on.