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No Subject

Следующее -- из новостей OpenJade от восьмого июля, если кто не видел:

DSSSL in action

Ever heard of jetinfo? its a russian on-line corporate magazine. What is
particular about this magazine is that it is using DSSSL to create HTML
pages from DocBook documents.

As Alexander Taranov told us:
" It is a web version of our corporate magazine.
1) All articles are in docbook
2) all bells and whistles are organized in templates (in SGML)
   these templates are used in 2 ways:
   - they are used for article pages generation with
   hacked (a little)  version 1.14 of Norm's style sheet
   and sgml-parsed templates
   - they are used for on the fly cgi-based generation of
     pages (we use SX + expat for this purpose)
3) all auxiliary files, used as helpers for search engine
   (in fact some catalogs) are generated with home-made
   dsssl style-sheet.

   all CGI are written in mzscheme."

Want to see by yourself a site with DSSSL generated web pages? take a
look at:
http://www.jetinfo.com (its in russian, bu you'll get the idea of what
DSSSL is capable of)

С чувством лёгкой зависти

P.S.: Причем, что характерно, все тут же кинулись доказывать, что
и они, и они тоже, да притом первее...

bo berkhaut