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[comp.text.sgml] Re: WP7 and Linux

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The SGML component is not available for WP7 - Linux.  It is only available
on the Win95 and Win3.1 platforms.  I do not believe there are any plans to
include it for WP8 - Linux.

Kerry Ward
XML/SGML Development Team Lead
Corel Corp.

David M. MacMillan wrote:

David M. MacMillan wrote:

> My apologies if this is a naive question.
> I'm investigating ways in which I can make SGML (TEI/TEIlite)
> documents available for editing and output in a GUI environment
> in both Linux and Windows95.  (At present these docs are maintained
> in a non-GUI fashion under UNIX using sgmls and CoST.)
> One of the possibilities that I've been exploring is WordPerfect.
> I've run WP8 on Win95, and its SGML mode seems adequate for my
> purposes.
> WP7 is available for Linux, and since I was under the impression
> that WP7 supported SGML, I thought this might be a solution.
> However, on downloading the WP7 for Linux demo, I cannot find any
> SGML mode or SGML features in it.
> I had thought that WP7 supported SGML.  Is this true only of
> the Win95 versions?  Is there something I'm missing with the
> WP7/Linux version?  If they're not there, is there any reason to believe
> that SGML capabilities might be added to WP8/Linux when it arrives?
> All comments are welcome here (including suggestions as to other
> ways I might handle my original problem, Linux&Win95 GUI SGML).
> Thanks much!
> David M. MacMillan
> dmm@lemur.com

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