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>	Thank you for keeping me informed. I have a link to this URL from
>my SGML page. I've also forwared this info to my (russian-speaking)
>mailing lists. Thank you,

Thanks for the publicity!

FYI, the command line options in the latest release are somewhat different
from the beta version you had before. I think you will want to run the
program as follows:

	omle -s rtf2xml.xom -a no-unicode -of output.xml input.rtf

This should have the same effect as the old -a resolve-ansichars option.
Characters are only escaped now when you specify that you want them to be.
The no-unicode option ensures that only characters in your Russian
character set appear. Without that option, you will get Unicode characters
instead (which you may want). The manual.txt file explains all the options.


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