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Я тут впервые узнал о существовании сабжа.

OpenJade is the DSSSL user community's open source implementation of
Document Style Semantics and Specification Language, an ISO standard for
rendering SGML and XML documents.

OpenJade is based on James Clark's widely used Jade.

OpenJade 1.3pre1 is a more complete implementation of the DSSSL standard,
and introduces many new features:

- Implementation of most standard procesures
- Support for char-repertoire and related declarations
- Language support (including language-dependent procedures)
- Standard color spaces are supported
- Special-query-expressions are recognized
- force! for inherited characteristics
- Character properties
- SGML architecture support extension
- The prlgabs1 SGML property set module is supported
- Binding of values to variables on the command line

You can download OpenJade from http://jade-cvs.avionitek.com.
See the file jadedoc/jade.htm, included with the distribution, for
and installation instructions.

For more information, see the DSSSL/OpenJade Home Page at

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Paul Romanchenko |http://www.lab321.ru/~paul/
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