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[comp.text.sgml] Re: Math within an SGML Document

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Hans Holger Rath <hhr@step.de> writes:

> 	ISO 12083 can be viewed quite well in Panorama (and other
> 	viewers based on INSO's ViewPort libraray) with a style
> 	sheet. I am not quite sure about CD browsers like DynaText.

DynaText actually has a built-in DVI renderer, and part of the process
of building an electronic book can be the creation of DVIs for
equations.  If your equations are marked up as TeX, then this is
trivial, but the DynaText compiler (mkbook) can also convert SGML to
TeX for typesetting as DVI.  Support was provided (as of DynaText 3.1)
for AAP/ArborText math and ISO math (not 12083), but it's possible to
add support for other math DTDs (if you're handy with TeX macros).

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