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[comp.lang.tcl.announce] ExCost, Cost for XML.

	Best regards, -- Boris.

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I have released ExCost6666 a new version of the Cost extension derived from
Cost21. This version is in very alpha stage .... but seems to work !

History :

Cost21 was working on ESIS files produced from sgml files by tools like SP
from James Clark. This version doesn't need ESIS files any more. Instead
you should feed it with XML files as it is using Expat for its internal

What is for :

As for Cost21, you can then work on your XML files using a tree driven or
event driven behaviour.

This allow you, for example, to take files from XML to HTML, to query XML
files for informations inside them, ....

Every software written in TCL could be interested in ExCost.

ExCost has several new functionnalities as :
. "keepstream" that allows you to work on several XML files
. "esis {set|free|data}" that allows you to build and ESISStream manually
. query* attlist is now working and returns the attribute list associated to
one or more nodes.
.  better handling of memory

You may find them interesting !

TCL version :

ExCost was build with success under Win* and Linux plattforms with
TCL8.1a2.  ExCost should work to with version >=8 but without unicode

More informations are under: http://r8m70.cybercable.tm.fr and a discussion
board is suitable to talk about it.

Have fun,
Guy Bobenrieth

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