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Re: TEI U5 russian translation

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Boris Tobotras wrote:

|        TEI U5: "Encoding for Interchange: an introduction to the TEI" is
|now freely available for download in Russian translation. URLs are:
|        http://xtalk.price.ru/SGML/tei_ed.rtf.gz
|        http://xtalk.price.ru/SGML/tei_ed.ps.gz

That's wonderful! But surely surely you have a version in some format
other than RTF or Postscript??? As you know I'm trying to collect
these translations together on the OTA's web site -- I need an HTML
(or preferably a TEI-lite) version for this to work. Is it available,
or do I have to retro-convert it myself?

Have you also considered producing a version in which (at least some
of) the English examples are replaced by equivalent Russian ones? I
would imagine that this would make the text much more useful to
Russian users. It has been done for both French and Italian versions

but thanks again for doing this -- I am sure it will attract a lot of

best wishes