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[comp.text.sgml] Re: Microsoft Word and SGML

	Best regards, -- Boris.

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> Bodo Krause heeft geschreven in bericht <348D225E.2CB4@braas.de>...
> >barry@strategies.com wrote:
> >  Microsoft can do better and, if their current
> >> interest in XML continues, probably will at some point.
> >>
> >> Best regards,
> >>
> >> Barry Schaeffer
> >
> >Can anybody specify this interest ? What exactly is MS planning ? What
> >ressorces do they aquire ?
> >
> >Kind regards
> >
> >Bodo Krause
> Mmmh, inteeseting. I would like to know too. Please post if you know 
> Best regards,
> Nico Weenink
> noki@worldonline.nl
Some areas to watch:

1.  Financial transactions:  Microsoft has, for some time,
     wanted to be a major player in the electronic funds business.
     Recently, they were able to enter the field through 
     acquisition of First Data, a major electronic payments firm.
     MS has also been a key player in the development of an XML-
     based protocol known as OFE orr Open Financial Exchange.

2.  Bill Gates has spoken about XML, even working with Arbor Text,
     at Seybold and in other forums.  When Bill takes a personal
     and public interest in a subject, you must conclude that the 
     wheels inside Microsoft are already turning.

3.  MS has announced full support for XML in Explorer.  An early
     version was demonstrated by Arbor Text at SGML/XML '97.

4.  Retail services:  MS has set up a travel site called Expedia.
     This service competes directly with Sabre, United Connection and
     the retail travel industry for tickets and vacation planning.  It
     makes no secret of the fact that the user is dealing directly
     Microsoft.  XML will make this site much more nimble and, if
     we can infer their intent, will work best with the Explorer
     XML support.

5.  News and information:  MS has moved agressively into the national
     and local news business, from MSNBC to local entertainment info
     services to direct competition with newspapers for local news.
     With the news business struggling to find itself in the
     electronic world, MS is poised to take over a hefty slice of this
     key business (see "Coping with the changing face of news" at
     www.strategies.com/tyranny.htm)  XML will be a key element of MS'
     strategy to create and deliver a more personalized and powerful
     product than the newspaper business and, unfortunately, the
     fourth estate is playing right into Gates' hands by largely 
     ignoring it in favor of proprietary, layout-based systems.


Best regards,

Barry Schaeffer
Information Strategies, Inc.

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