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[Boris Tobotras <boris@xtalk.msk.su>] ["Jean-Francois Gauvin" <gauvin@PUM.UMontreal.CA>] Re: Regarding images...

	Что думает уважаемое собрание?
	Best regards, -- Boris.

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	Best regards, -- Boris.

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It seems a good idea to me since we have to find a solution to make it work
between sgml and html. At our end, we only use gif, jpeg and TIFF for html
export for now so having such a list of known extensions would work ok.


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From: Boris Tobotras <boris@xtalk.msk.su>
To: Jean-Francois Gauvin <gauvin@PUM.UMontreal.CA>
Date: 16 janvier, 1999 01:17
Subject: Re: Regarding images...

>>>>>> "Jean-Francois" == Jean-Francois Gauvin writes:
>Jean-Francois> My question is about Panorama viewer. If we change the
>Jean-Francois> images entities file to look like
>Jean-Francois> <!ENTITY fig001 SYSTEM "fig001" NDATA GIF >
>Jean-Francois> then Panorama doesn't find the file since the file name is
>Jean-Francois> fig001.gif. If we remove the extension, then Panorama will
>Jean-Francois> find the image but Netscape won't.  How do you make it work
>Jean-Francois> in the sgml browser AND the html browser at the sime time
>Jean-Francois> without have two graphic files, one with the extension and
>Jean-Francois> one without ? Maybe I'm plain stupid but I can't make it
>Jean-Francois> work at the same time.
> Hm, not good. I can silently strip extension off system ID, when
> generating filename in TEItools, but this will break compatibility
> with old documents people have (consider filenames like
> "structural.scheme"). So I have to ask about it in mailing list and
> wait for others' opinions.
> We can make a compromise, however. I can make a list of "well known
> extensions", like "GIF,JPEG,EPS,TIFF,BMP", and strip extension iff
> it is listed there. Seems to be OK. What do you think?
> Best regards, -- Boris.
>I'm not schizophrenic. I just have four email addresses. For each of me.

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