Comments to parts of Genesis text

Following are the comments extracted from Genesis text marked up according to TEI.

divine beings who know:-- Others ``God, who knows.''
provided me with:-- Or ``established for me''; Heb. shath, connected with ``Seth.''
terminate it within a cubit of the top.:-- Meaning of Heb. uncertain.
and the one in charge of my household is Dammesek Eliezer!'':-- Meaning of Heb. uncertain.
``Have I not gone on seeing after He saw me!'':-- Meaning of Heb. uncertain.
some ten days;:-- Lit. ``days or ten.''
he had a taste for game;:-- Lit. ``game was in his mouth.''
enjoy the fat of the earth And:-- Others ``be away from the fat of the earth and from.''
resumed his journey:-- Lit. ``lifted up his feet.''
``A fateful contest I waged:-- Heb. naphtule ... naphtalti, connected with ``Naphtali.'' Lit. ``A contest of God ...''
I had a dream in which I saw:-- Lit. ``I raised my eyes and saw in a dream, behold.''
kept Laban the Aramean in the dark,:-- Lit. ``stole the mind of Laban the Aramean''; similarly in v. 26.
``Thus shall you say, `To my lord Esau, thus says your servant Jacob::-- Or ``Thus you shall say to my lord Esau, `Thus says your servant Jacob:...'''
beings divine and human,:-- Or ``God (Elohim, connected with second part of `Israel') and men.''
public place:-- Lit. ``gate.''
who went out of the gate of his town:-- I.e., all his fellow townsmen.
his period of mourning was over,:-- Lit. ``he was comforted.''
the seven years that the land of Egypt was enjoying,:-- Lit. ``the seven years that were in the land of Egypt.''
`Do not let me see your faces:-- Lit. ``Do not see my face.''
show our faces to the man:-- Lit. ``see the man's face.''
the king of beasts:-- Heb. labi, another word for ``lion.''
His eyes are darker than wine; His teeth are whiter than milk.:-- Or ``His eyes are dark from wine,
Joseph is a wild ass, A wild ass by a spring --Wild colts on a hillside.:-- Others ``Joseph is a fruitful bough,
The blessings of your father Surpass the blessings of my ancestors, To the utmost bounds of the eternal hills.:-- Meaning of Heb. uncertain.