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Welcome to the boring world of document preparation :-)

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For the lack of a better name, TEItools denotes my collection of specifications for transforming documents written in SGML or XML to various output format. I'm still in process of writing it - currently it is able to produce HTML, LaTeX2e, RTF, and also plain text (via HTML), PostScript and PDF (via LaTeX).

TEItools home site is http://xtalk.msk.su/SGML/TEItools.

TEItools belongs to the SGML conversion class of tools. It is part of an entire document management system. You should be absolutely clear about that: just the part!. The entire DMS also includes document repository, version control, access control, usage policy, documents editing, search and retrieval, to name just the few. Please don't expect TEItools will be all of that. But it can help you to build such a system, as it did for me.

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