Boris Tobotras



Employment history

2007 -- now
Federal enterprise "Radio Research and Development Institute"

Position: Head of computing facilities

Computing facilities have been built from scratch to construction works to Sun competency center on high performance computing status. Department have been staffed and developed up about 15 person. Supercomputer system maintainance. Custom software development, massively parallel ports of several custom computational software modules.

Several comprehensive process automation software systems has been developed. Different hardware platforms including embedded systems were in work.

2005 -- 2007
Abitel Data

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Company production activity start. Staff hiring, communications building. Tokyo office have been staffed and connected to Moscow including VoIP and teleconferencing. Product line have been created and marketed. Decision on company's technological development. Several successful projects.

1994 -- 2006
Jet Infosystems

Position: head of software laboratory

Software laboratory creation and development. Staff hiring and motivation. Development of version control and change management discipline. Architectural decisions throughout products lifetime. Q&A and support service creation. Maintainance of two "boxed" products -- firewall and VPN. ISO 9001 certification of software production process.

Creation of marketing papers. Technological presale activity. Development of comprehensive systems based on developing products. Demonstrations and testing at prospective customers' sites.

Decisions on products' development strategies. Marketing surveys.

Position: service engineer, consultant, head of software laboratory

Installation, service, customer support, maintenance, performance tuning, consulting and pre-sales in following areas:

Enterprise-wide projects on information security and information systems. Base platform: UNIX and Web.

Design, development and implementation of structured document management system, SGML-based. System is currently in production use in the company.

Intranet technology projects: analysis, design and development. CGI programming, fulltext search system with Informix DBMS access.

LAN, application and file servers' administration.

JSC "Uwertt", JSC "RT"

Position: developer, software engineer

Development of data compression module.

Development of portable (DOS/Windows/UNIX) library for interprocess communications.

Design and development of "intelligent editor": document preparation system integrating editor, database for documents and objects used in documents, query facilities. System was developed up to sales ready state.

Custom module was integrated into NCSA telnet package (DOS TCP/IP stack), package was adapted for customer's needs and documented.

Moscow Telecommunication Institute, Research and Development facility, 15th laboratory

Position: technician, engineer

Development of software: digital filters' modeling and characteristics calculations, special (polarization) processing of digital images, results visualization.

Non-standard peripherals (CCD-cameras, image accumulator, photo-printer) interfaces: adapters design and implementation (for LSI-11, IBM PC/ISA bus), device drivers programming.


Moscow Telecommunication Institute (currently Moscow Technical University of Communication and Computer Science)

Automatics, telemechanics and electronics faculty (currently Radiotechnics).

Courses and trainings

Nov 7-11, 1994

Sun Microsystems Computer Company, Moscow

Advanced SE Certification Course

Nov 13-17, 1995

SunService, Moscow

Solaris System Administration II

Nov 20-22, 1995

SunU Course and Development, Moscow

Sun Disk Management

Apr 29-30, 1996

Sun Microsystems, Milpitas

Volume Management with a SPARCstorage Array

May 1-3, 1996

Sun Microsystems, Milpitas

SPARCcluster Parallel Database Administration

Oct 21-23, 1996

IBM, Moscow

AIX Performance Management and Tuning

Nov 25-29, 1996

IBM, Moscow

AIX for UNIX Professionals

Jan 27-31, 1997

IBM Central Europe & Russia Inc, Vienna

SP Overview and Implementation Workshop

Apr 25-26, 1997

Computer Associates International, Islandia

Unicenter TNG Agents Programming

Feb 3-4, 1998

Trusted Information Systems, Inc, Moscow

Gauntlet Firewall: installation, configuration and management course


Different trainings on project management, time and resourse management, personnel management.

Personal information

40, married, two children. Non-smoker. Living in Moscow.

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