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I have tested the TEItools in the UNIX environment only, but everything besides the xpm2rtf should be trivial to port to Windows and Macintosh. Someone has reported using TEItools in OS/2.


TEItools use CoST as its engine. It is a powerful SGML manipulation tool, with Tcl as its scripting language.

SGML is parsed by nsgmls (, which is part of James Clark's jade ( package. nsgmls is optional if you will only work with XML documents.

If you're using Linux with glibc-2.1 (libc-6), you can pick ready to run binary packages: Jade RPM and CoST RPM. Source RPMs are also available.

If you have Red Hat Linux 5.2 (or SuSE 5.1) or later, you already have ready to run nsgmls binary, included in sgmltools RPM.


If you have to import documents written in MS Word into an SGML production system, you can use Rick Geimer's GPL'ed RTF to XML filter, and then process it with TEItools' transdoc2tei converter. This is highly unreliable process, largely dependent on original document formatting style, so be warned. The above mentioned filter will require OmniMark, which is commercial product, but it also works with OmniMark Light Edition, which is available for free from

Pictures are inserted in RTF either as included xpm2rtf utility's output (so you'll need a C compiler to compile it), or as a windows BMP files. And netpbm utilities will help convert pictures from any format to any other, like from GIF to XPM to EPS to BMP.

If you will use CGI scripts included, you'll need Tcl package for CGI support:

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